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Bob Avila: The Gift of More Tomorrows 

Bob Avila put it simply: “Adventist Health Portland saved my life.” 

Bob explained he was blessed with excellent health. That changed one night when Bob began to feel an unusual heaviness in his chest. He could not find a comfortable position to sleep in and decided to go to the emergency department to check out what might be causing the discomfort.  

Upon his arrival Bob was taken for a number of cardiac tests, and it was quickly determined that he had some blockages that needed to be addressed immediately. 

“The cardiac team at Adventist Health Portland patiently and expertly gave my wife and I all the information we needed to make informed medical decisions and to feel reassured,” said Bob. “We felt confident in the medical team’s ability to fix what was wrong and I was scheduled for surgery to place a stent in the affected artery the very same day.” 

Unfortunately, during the procedure it became evident Bob’s situation required an even more complex solution. Less than 24 hours later he had double bypass surgery. 

“I was so impressed not only with the care the Adventist Health Portland team gave to me, but also the compassion they showed for my wife who was understandably distressed and concerned for my health,” said Bob. “When you hear Adventist Health Portland cares for the ‘whole person’, it isn’t just words. They provided whole-person care for me and my loved one – which mattered a lot.” 

Bob credits Adventist Health Portland with his survival and recovery. “I know without a doubt I am here today because of the expertise and incredible care I received at Adventist Health Portland.” 

Adventist Health Portland currently sees 40% of all Portland’s heart attack and heart event patients. “Our community deserves access to the latest technology for diagnosing and treating these conditions — technology like CT scanners and interventional cardiology equipment for the department. The kind of cutting-edge cardiovascular technology that saved my life,” said Bob. 

Thanks to the generous donors who have supported the Cornerstone Fund (the area of greatest need fund), Adventist Health Portland has acquired even more innovative cardiology resources — like the recently purchased Mitra Clip, which enables Adventist Health Portland to provide cutting-edge heart care without open chest surgery. 

“My wife and I will be forever grateful for the care and compassion we both received and the gift of more tomorrows I was given,” said Bob. With your support Adventist Health Portland will continue to give that gift to our community.