A Heart for Giving Back Cardiovascular team member gives back out of love

After working in a toxic place that lacked dedication to its mission, coming to Adventist Health Portland was a breath of fresh air for Margaret Smith.* Twenty years later, she’s still here, truly living God’s love in healthcare.

Grateful for that opportunity, Margaret has spent these years giving back in any way she can. One of those ways is through employee giving.

 “It’s not about me,” she explains. “It’s about the community I support… to help my brothers and sisters [in healthcare] and to let the community know they are loved and cared for.”

She goes on to say Adventist Health Portland and its foundation do just that. “I know Adventist Health is faithful with the money they are given. I can see their impact in the community,” she says.

Among the areas she supports, Margaret focuses on the oncology and mental health funds, since she sees these as some of our community’s biggest struggles right now. Being able to show God’s love and faithfulness through the foundation is her passion and brings her closer to her faith and her sense of justice in the world.

She has seen firsthand how these funds can blossom into something amazing. Small donations add up — in her case, to more than $16,000 going to her community. Even as just one piece of the puzzle, Margaret vividly sees how she has been able to help those around her with the provisions she has been given.

Margaret feels blessed to follow her life calling to help others and leave a positive impact on the community. Further, She trusts the foundation to see the needs of our community and enact change.

Just like patients trust healthcare providers, Margaret trusts our foundation to use the money donated in an honest and trustworthy fashion. She knows her money — and every associate’s — is going exactly where she wants it to, whether she chooses a general or specific fund.

“Adventist Health is compassionate,” Margaret shares. “We truly care about our community and our coworkers… Giving back to these causes is a no-brainer.”

If you are interested in joining Margaret in her giving, please visit the foundation’s associate giving webpage to learn more.


*Margaret Smith is an alias for an employee who chooses to remain anonymous.

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Cardiovascular team member gives back out of love

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